Factors That Affect Sex

Vascular system


If you want to have good sexual health, it is important to look at your vascular function. You really have to consider is whether you smoke or not. There are certain drugs as well that can affect circulation. Smoking targets the circulation very negatively. So if you do smoke, you should consider stopping.

Of course, we have got to talk about your lungs. But what it does is circulation causes problems all over the body including your ability to have sex, enjoy it. So we have to look at that vascular component, you have to be cardiovascular fit, so you can enjoy sex.



The next thing we have to consider is nerves, neurological function. You have to be able to not only think and have anticipation and all things leading up to foreplay and a sex act, but you have to be able to feel what is going on. It is the sensation that drives the brain, so if you haven’t been taking care of yourself, if you don’t have nerve function, then you are not going to be able to complete the act. It takes physical stimulation as well as mental stimulation to finish this whole process, to enjoy it. So if you don’t have nerves functioning very well because let’s go back to nutrition. If you are not getting the nutrients you need, you are going to have a problem with nerve function. If you are diabetic, you are going to have no appetite. You won’t enjoy sex as much, you don’t have the nerves functioning.

If you don’t get enough B vitamins, the are certain vitamins that can affect the neurological functioning. There are other nutrients that are required for your nerves to function well. If you are not taking care of yourself, you are going to mess up.



The next influence on sex we have to talk about is chemicals. As I mention before you don’t want to be drinking too much alcohol, you need to be careful with the medications you are taking. Realize that some medication you may take to enhance your sexual experience may make it less enjoyable. The chemicals that you put in your body can definitely interfere with all sexual function, especially the mental function. So if you are taking drugs of some kind in order to help the experience, try without it. You probably find that the experience is much more enjoyable.